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As you can guess, this is my first post.

As lame as this topic may be, this is my first WP post. I come from Tumblr land (no complaints) and have web-mastered (made up a verb) our sites for ages, but I decided to combine everything into one place. One big motivation is WP e-commerce.  I’m up to my eyeballs in odd OpenCart errors I can’t seem to figure out. Just when it’s all running well…BAM! The next customer has a problem. Magento hasn’t been much better. I’m hoping things here will be more stable here and I can become part of the huge WP community.

I c0-founded 7 Robots, Inc. with my husband, Miguel Guerra. We’re indie creators who write, draw, color and publish our own comics and graphic novels. We have a regular comic strip for IDEAeconomics, dabble in animated cartoons and I ‘m addicted to crocheting amigurumi toys, especially monsters and other quirky creations. Miguel is the artist and is available for commissioned art or any sort. His talents have no bounds. I’ll post regularly with art, new toys and hopefully many exciting updates.