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Parnters in Crime

About Miguel & Suzy
Miguel Guerra co-founder 7 Robots
Miguel Guerra

Co-founder, Creator, Artist

Miguel Guerra is the co-creator and artist behind all of our WEBTOONS and comics and designs in our Shop.

Miguel is also an independent artist, designing book and comic covers, character designs, concept art, logos, storyboards, avatars and digital paintings. For Miguel’s portfolio, click here.

He speaks English and Spanish fluently and half decent French.

Suzy Dias | 7 Robots About Us
Suzy Dias

Co-founder, Creator, Writer

Suzy Dias is the co-creator and writer for our WEBTOONS, comics and short stories.

By day, Suzy is a Business English teacher in Paris, but at night she spends countless hours forging plots and writing for WEBTOONS and comics. She’s also our editor, letterer, flatter (flat colors), webmaster and video editor. With a penchant for crochet, she loves to make fun handmade toys.

Suzy speaks English and Portuguese, pretty good Spanish and moderate French.

We are the co-founders of 7Robots where we publish our own comics, sell art, clothes and handmade toys. We started creating our own stories over 15 years ago in New York City, but our home base is now in France (voilà).
You can read our weekly FREE COMICS on WEBTOON!! Come join the fun. Click here to read more or click on one of our titles below ↴

FREE Comics

Ghost Metal category
Ghost Metal ★ WEBTOON

Horror, scifi anthology

Past Due satirical sci-fi comic (
Past Due

Satire, sci-fi, fantasy

Samurai Elf by Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias (
Samurai Elf

Sci-fi, fantasy, coming of age

7Robots Fantastically Terrible Podcast

On each episode, Miguel and Suzy will discuss many topics including, but not limited to, providing color commentary on movies and TV shows worth watching (or avoiding!), the oxymoronic nature of the comic industry, essential info about writing and creating art for a living, and other tender morsels. We’ll end every episode with a ‘Fantastically Terrible Character or Creature’.

The best way to support the show is to subscribe on iTunes. Please leave a comment too! We’ll personally thank you live at the end of show! We would really appreciate it and it’ll help others to find us too. Plus, we would love to hear from you.😃

©Miguel Guerra. All rights reserved.

Additional Work


★ To see all of our  interviews visit our Comics page (click here)


Ghost Metal weekly horror / sci-fi / fantasy webcomic.


✧ For Miguel’s Portfolio and Rates, click here.


“Bedbugs” July 2007 (see table of contents) 
“Insomnia” January 2010 (see table of contents)
“A Lonely Cry in Space” May 2010 (see table of contents)
• For all back issues, click here.

Antarctic Press
“Ninja High School Annual #15
Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #4 
Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #5
Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #7
* To read the blog post, click here.

Forward Comics “Gwan Anthology”
“Crystal Clear” (vol.1)
“Ancestors” (vol.2)

eCONcomics: Taking the CON Out of Economics Art by Miguel Guerra, written by Steve Keen and layout/letters by Suzy Dias. Published by by Castalia House.

“eCONcomics: Taking the CON Out of Economics”  webcomic published by Arkhaven Comics. To read our blog post, click here.

Merry Felonies cartoon strip

Book Covers

✧ Michael Hudson’s “…and forgive them their debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption From Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year (The Tyranny of Debt)”

✧ Michael Hudson’s “Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire”

✧ Steve Keen’s “eCONomics: Taking the CON out of Economics”

✧ Steve Keen’s “Funny Money” coming soon

James Pinard’s “Land of the Living”

✧ James Pinard’s “Lucid World”

✧ James Pinard’s “Dark Trinity”  (coming soon)


✧ Forbes Magazine article, “Wolfgang Schäuble, The Trust Troll” by Steve Keen 

National Book Foundation’s National Book Awards in New York.

Terry Jones’ Boom Bust Boom


“Land of the Living” animation by James Pinard

Children’s Books


Most photos (the professional looking ones) by Lidia Aparicio at “Ashary

Fun conversations with Miguel & Suzy​