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Samurai Elf

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Samurai Elf Now FREE on Webtoon!

We’ve included Samurai Elf in our GHOST METAL anthology available for ☆FREE☆ on Webtoon. To find out more about about Ghost Metal, click here. ଘ(੭˃ᴗ˂)à©­ We post new episodes every FRIDAY. Come by any time and join the fun.

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This sci-fi/fantasy series follows an unwilling hero as he witnesses the massive failures that could plunge his world into the next global war.

Quick Summary

After reeling from a horrific global war, an anxious cloud hangs over the planet Tyr as a ruthless new enemy descends. Will things get even worse or can they stop it in time?

The Horde is a hive-minded cybernetic army and their enigmatic leader, Lopt. They seek the one who holds the key to a legend that few still believe. The Horde is after Ardan, a teen Elf, hastily trained as a Samurai, but ignorant of why he’s being hunted. Ardan, his closest friend Keegan, and their ragtag crew of Samurai, Dwarves, outcasts and bounty hunters must unlock the secret to Ardan’s past before his ever increasing power destroys his life.


• Title: Samurai Elf
Art and Story by: Miguel Guerra
• Written by: Suzy Dias
• Read webcomic on (see below)
• Genre: Sci-fi / fantasy
• Audience: 13+

Original Print info:
• Published vols 1 and 2 (2006 and 2008)
• ISBN 13 Set Apart vol.1: 978-0-9778454-0-8
• ISBN 13 Bull’s Eye vol.2: 978-0-9778454-1-5
• Themes: action, coming of age, romance, comedy
✧ Samurai Elf vol.1, was picked up by Diamond Comic Distributors

FREE COMIC! Samurai Elf by Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias

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