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Past Due

Truth, justice and how much does it pay?

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With great power take no responsibility.

Past Due

Past Due slaps a satirical spin on everything we know about superheroes, money and power.

After powerful corporations crush the golden age of non-profit superheroes, new rules were designed for a new generation of heroes who must use their extraordinary powers to get a job. Yes, superheroes need to earn a living. And where do they work? In this alternate reality, superheroes must be licensed by a mega insurance company called, Superhero, Inc. How are people in this modern society saved by their favorite superhero? They buy insurance of course. You have to pay to be saved.

Now everyone can be rescued by their own personal superhero. It’s the ultimate life insurance! You can choose the level of your coverage to protect against…well, anything. From natural disasters to fires or neighborhood shootings. We’ve get you covered.

Past Due: Truth, justice and how much does it pay?💰


• Title: Past Due (formerly Super Corporate Heroes)
• Full color, 112 pages
• Genre: Satire, fantasy
• Audience: 13+
• Original comic (floppy): Jan. 8, 2014
• ISBN: 0-9778454-4-3
• ISBN 13: 978-0-9778454-4-6
• Get original version from Apple Books


Volume 1: Sticky Fingers

The narrative thread weaves around short vignettes detailing key moments in the lives of various superheroes that work for Superhero, Inc. The benefits of working for the company are fame and fortune. Their celebrity can dwarf the paparazzi frenzy of Hollywood stars and all-star athletes combined. The top earner and most famous is American Icon, a former country music star. His invulnerable strength is only matched by his binge drinking and playboy lifestyle. The hardest working superhero is Ms. Titanium. She’s just as strong as American Icon, but when she found out she’s only paid half his salary, she walks out to plot her revenge. Then there’s the working stiff heroes, who are overworked and often punished for saving people without a license. Enter Blue Collar (a.k.a. Hero in a Hatchback), a divorced father of three with more bills than cash, and Spinlar, a half fly, half spider Brazilian heartthrob who’s trying to live the American dream. His one problem? Spinning a web from his back end can keep even the best superhero’s career from advancing.

Volume 2: Templar’s Assassin

Templar’s Assassin introduces a radical transformation in Miguel’s art style to make it feel like you’re stepping into the past…way into the past. We go back in time to our main anti-hero Bradshaw Winters’ youth in the 1700s, studying moral philosophy with his friend Adam Smith at the University of Glasgow.

Winters discovers bizarre family secrets that lead him in a deadly pursuit to find the truth about his father’s death, the enigmatic female assassin of his uncle and a mysterious guardian that seems to protect him.

Volume 2 also foreshadows events that transform Winters into the Machiavellian villain we see in Past Due volume 1: Sticky Fingers. Click here for the FREE sample. We’re working on this and will update you ASAP with dates of completion.


Super Corporate Heroes Media Mentions
"Meet 'Super Corporate Heroes' – superheroes who are more in line with the actual American Way…It’s a brilliant sendup of capitalism, fantasy, and everything else we’ve come to love and loathe about modern society. Face it – we all need a laugh right now, and unlike the not-so-superheroes handling bailouts and austerity plans, these SuperHeroes actually deliver…"
"One of the most important types of protest is creative protest. The standard measures for waking people up have been carefully blocked by the powers that be. So that leaves the unorthodox avenues of awareness as the way forward for people who want a better world. Suzy and Miguel have found one of those avenues and spray-painted the entire thing. I’m glad to live in a world with their creativity."
"Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias masterfully outline a superhero universe. You get a sense that this world is like City of Heroes, just teeming with superheroes looking to make a buck and eager to save lives. Superhero Inc. guarantees it. More than simply a political satire, Super Corporate Heroes sets a fascinating stage for some interesting characters. I found myself beginning to like or hate certain characters and am eager to see how their stories play out. I can’t wait to see what Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias have in store for issue #2, which will debut the Invisible Hand. Love it! 4 out of 5."
"Super Corporate Heroes is tailor-made entertainment for wonky political geeks. This issue continues the comic’s trademark intentionally cheesy dialogue and humorous, political satire wrapped around an simmering, Fight the Power storyline."
"The plot is absolutely brilliant and the art stays on par with it throughout. I love seeing creators take an original approach towards a genre that I’ve loved my whole life and books like SCH is the epitome of that. It has humor, action, real life struggle, and even manages to be a social dialogue along with all of that."
"It’s really hard for me to get into any superhero title [anymore]. There’s just so much of it that it’s pretty common, but with Super Corporate Heroes I found that the story was easy to get into and enjoy. In fact I wanted to keep reading more."
Overall, I can’t praise Super Corporate Heroes enough. It made me laugh, examine some of my views on current political issues, and think about our world while giving me an enjoyable reading experience.
"Overall, I can’t praise Super Corporate Heroes enough. It made me laugh, examine some of my views on current political issues, and think about our world while giving me an enjoyable reading experience."
Super Corporate Heroes is not the first comic to delve into the dark possibility of heroes abusing their powers (see Alan Moore’s Watchmen and Warren Ellis’ No Hero. I’m sure Miguel and Suzy knew that, yet somehow they found a way to make a controversial topic into a page turning comic…The engaging artwork also helped a lot in making this indie comic a force to reckon with…Miguel and Suzy found a way to blend humor and captivating artwork to make a powder keg of a subject into something worth reading…another great Independent Comic done right!
"Super Corporate Heroes surprised me, and that doesn’t happen too much these days. Its relevant satire of the global economy elevates it higher than many other comics in its genre, to create something that both entertains and intrigues more than you’d think."
"...Guerra and co-creator/artist Suzy Dias offer an interesting take on the superhero genre that is as humorous as it is disturbing.While the book could have been just a metaphor for the health insurance crisis, Dias and Guerra have crafted a more complex story with Super Corporate Heroes...4 out of 5."
"The comic is thoroughly entertaining and very well written and illustrated by Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias who are so clearly having an extraordinarily good time producing such an enjoyable story."
The Examiner
Robert J. Sodaro (link no longer active)
"What would neoliberal superheroes be like? Check out @SuperCorpHeroes hilariously disturbing comic."
Brett Scott
Author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money
"I have been a fan of this series since I read the first issue. I have said it before and I still believe it, the creative team of Suzy Dias and Miguel Guerra are the epitome of the modern independent comic spirit…Dias and Guerra have a perfect execution and it would make Alan Moore, John Byrne and Jon Stewart all proud!"
“The book also touches the problems of fame and money with the Superhero Inc. main superhero American Icon. He is the stereotypical womanizer...Super Corporate Heroes is a fun and also intelligent book that makes the reader laugh and reflect about the world of capitalism. I really want to see more of this story in the near future.”
“The Grey Area Super Corporate Heroes Where Have All The Salesmen Gone”…you can be sure Rush Limbaugh would have an aneurysm if the work of a woman and a Hispanic ever got their two cents in on the debate over insurance…Super Corporate Heroes is a well-thought-out comic book…
David Anderson (link no longer active)
"Comparisons of Super Corporate Heroes to Alan Moore’s mind blowing saga “Watchmen” are inevitable: both series parody the superhero genre and overlay serious political implications for alternative takes on society."
"Super Corporate Heroes is an interesting comic book that will make you think and laugh."
Fun conversations with Miguel & Suzy​