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Merry Felonies

Art by Miguel Guerra. Punchlines by Suzy Dias.

News from the wrong perspective

Have you ever read the news and thought something like this…

• What in the world is going on?
• This must be a joke.
• Are these people are crazy?
• You’ve got to be kidding!
• What are they smoking?

Well, you’re not alone. Merry Felonies is our relief. A way to lighten our spirits when the news is too much…or when something funny happens and deserves a quick sketch.

Miguel and Suzy put their satirical skills to work with their Merry Felonies cartoon strip.

👉 Click here to see them all.


🎨 Art by Miguel Guerra
😃 Jokes by Suzy Dias
💬 Weekly cartoon strip
📅 Posted every Tuesday
🐔 Twitter @7Robotsinc

Animated Shorts

By Suzy Dias

When a cartoon strip isn’t quite enough to properly parody news events, there’s animation. Suzy Dias uses cut-out animation to properly demonstrate the extent of her sarcasm.

Merry Felonies Animation by Suzy Dias
Join us in the bullpen for some laughs