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Earth Dream ☆FREE☆ Indie Illustrated Anthology

Earth Dream: FREE Indie Anthology from 7 Robots

Publisher 7 Robots presents “Earth Dream”, a FREE sci-fi/fantasy anthology of universal proportions! Some of the indie scene’s most talented creators present their mind-blowing short stories in a never-ending exploration of original ideas.
[bctt tweet=”Earth Dream: A powerful sci-fi/fantasy hallucination of the mind. Somewhere between the abyss of fear and the peak of imagination.”]

When we put the word out in 2014 about starting an indie anthology we were overwhelmed with the response. Every creator we talked to surpassed all of our expectations. You’ll see for yourself.

Book Details

• Full color
• Genre: Sci-fi, fantasy
• Audience: Teen +
• Frequency: Annual
• Also available on iBooks

Earth Dream Volume 1

• Release Date: April 22, 2014
• Pages: 87 (11 short stories)
Sample Pages
Press Release
★ FREE copy of Earth Dream vol.1

Earth Dream: The Indie Illustrated Anthology from 7 Robots

Earth Dream Volume 2

• Release Date: October 30, 2015
• Pages: 53 (6 short stories)
Sample Pages
Press Release
FREE copy of Earth Dream vol.2

Earth Dream vol.2: The Indie Illustrated Anthology from 7 Robots


To listen to all of our interviews, please click here.


Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias have brought together a slew of indie artists to celebrate their second year of their Earth Dream anthology…this anthology series is a good place to not only check out some indie talent but also allow these stories to provoke and engage us. Each story holds a message, and Guerra and Dias do a great job of bringing the right mix together for us. Check it out if you want to think, and feel free to let a discussion develop. I know I’d love to chat about it.  Fanboy Comics, Erik Cheski


All-in-all this is a truly wonderful anthology pulling together an incredibly talented group of creators who are attempting to not only make statements about ourselves but send out a clarion call to those around them that it is time to be good to our mother…All of the stories contained in Earth Dream speak from the hearts of the creators and are each amazing in their own right. Truly this is the kind of anthology that anyone would want to read.  The Examiner, Robert J. Sodaro


Everything they have put out or been affiliated with is just awesome!…This book features a ton of very talented artists…It’s for free, you can’t go wrong. Canned Air podcast (episode 24; begins at 54:05)


I believe the future of Earth Dream holds vast potential and believe that, as the anthology grows, it will plant more and more original and important thoughts, ideas, and dreams into the hearts and minds of writers, artists, and readers, creating and nurturing a lush forest of creativity and social consciousness. Fanboy Comics, Tim Palmer


All told, there are 11 stories represented in Earth Dream. Despite each one having a common theme, they all are completely different stories and different styles and approach the theme in a unique way. Miguel and Suzy at 7 Robots did a phenomonal job in putting this together. Nerdgasms, Shawn Hopman


It’s free. I’m actually blown away by that because the quality far surpasses a lot of other titles. I’m hoping a lot of people will check it out as it not only has a message it has a variety of social commentary to make that message come across…There is plenty of breakout talent contributing to Earth Dream and frankly I’m very glad that I checked it out. Score: 5/5. Comic Bastards, Dustin Cabeal


The artwork is stunning. I could have used the entire anthology as a picture book. As with the writers, each artist has his or her own unique style. Some of the pages were so breathtaking, I had to look at them more than once. Comics to Read, La Cracha