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Ghost Metal


Ghost Metal is Free on Webtoon

Thrilling short stories in tons of genres! Hilarious comedies, ghastly mysteries, black comedies, creepy monsters, unrequited love and so much more. We also add sprinkles of history, fantasy and anything else we find interesting. All art by Miguel Guerra & written by Suzy Dias. Stories by both.

=^._.^= ∫ New episode every Friday for your abhorrent amusement.

FREE Webcomic on Webtoon

Ghost Metal is a new horror and sci-fi webcomic on WEBTOON by Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias. We have BIG PLANS! We’re working hard to create 100 original comics just for you! Scroll down for a list of titles so far. Our challenge is to make each story different with its own unique art style.

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How to find us on Webtoon?

1. Go to or download the FREE app for your Android or Apple device.
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2. Search for Ghost Metal by 7Robots.
3. Click on our icon/avatar.
4. Read and enjoy!

If you already use Webtoon, click here for the direct link or scan in the QR code.


Ghost Metal homepage
★ Created by Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias
★ Artist: Miguel Guerra
★ Writer: Suzy Dias
★ Type: Short stories
★ Genre: Comedy, horror, sci-fi and fantasy
Miguel Guerra Portfolio
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If you’re still here – you rock! You might really enjoy reading our free comic. We pour our hearts into it every week and we’d love to see it grow with your help.If you read it and like it, why not SUBSCRIBE? You can’t imagine how much it helps us out. we’re sure you’ll look forward to a new episode. For everyone who has already subscribed, a million thanks! We appreciate each and every one of you and we hope good luck smiles on you.

Ghost Metal short stories

Read them all on Webtoon!

༄ؘ Series 1: The Prophet’s Curse ★彡 Watch the preview
༄ؘ Series 2: A Lonely Cry in Space ★彡 Watch the preview
༄ؘ Series 3: Crystal Clear  ★彡Watch the preview
༄ؘ Series 4: MORG Extraterrelius ★彡Watch the preview
༄ؘ Series 5: Survival ★彡Watch the preview
༄ؘ Series 6: Earth Dream
༄ؘ Series 7: The Grind Watch the preview
༄ؘ Series 8: “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe (adapted)
༄ؘ Series 9: Past Due (chapter 1) ★彡Read more
༄ؘ Series 10: Winter Special: The Pinky Shake
༄ؘ Series 11: Samurai Elf (chapter 1) ★彡Read more
༄ؘ Series 12: The Chevalier de Saint-Georges ★彡 Listen to our Podcast
༄ؘ Series 13: Past Due (chapter 2)
༄ؘ Series 14: Disposable Ninja
༄ؘ Series 15: Ancestors
༄ؘ Series 16: The Cycle
༄ؘ Series 17: Mirror Mirror
༄ؘ Series 18: Samurai Elf (chapter 2)
༄ؘ Series 19: The Abyss
༄ؘ Series 20: Past Due (chapter 3)
༄ؘ Series 21: Manitou 
…and more every week

(人❛ᴗ❛) We have over 150 episodes so far!

Special: Chevalier de Saint-Georges

 If you’re here from Black Paris Tours – welcome! This is the webcomic by Miguel Guerra. Read all 10 Episodes of Chevalier de Saint-Georges on Webtoon.

Extra Easy Access

We took episode 1 and added it to our site so it’s extra easy to read. We created a comic based on an event in the life of a young Joseph Bologne, better known as the Chevalier de Saint-Georges. Click here (or scan the Chevalier QR code below) to read episode 1 right here on our site. If you like it and want to read more, that’s great! You can easily access Webtoon for the full FREE COMIC.

Ghost Metal on Webtoon: Chevalier St Georges FREE
Click here to read episode 1


Watch the trailers…

To see them all, visit us on Youtube.

Fun conversations with Miguel & Suzy​