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Graphic Design

Miguel Guerra co-founder 7 Robots
Miguel Guerra

Co-founder, Creator, Artist

Contact me:
โ˜… Email: mmguerra[at]gmail[dot]com
โ˜… Instagram: @miguelguerra1532
โ˜… Pinterst: @miguelguerraart

Art is all around us. Whether itโ€™s to help sell a product, promote a business, market yourself, or for the joy of gazing at a piece of art. Together, we can create whatever you need.

โ˜… Graphic Design
โ˜… Logos

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โ˜… Illustrations
— Includes scifi, fantasy, horror, manga, comics, children’s, vector art, and more.
โ˜… Book & Comic Covers
โ˜… Character Design
โ˜… Concept Artย 
โ˜… Backgrounds
โ˜… Pixel Art
โ˜… Storyboards

Graphic Design



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Illustrations & digital drawings

Character & Concept Design

Animation, video games, avatars,...

Miguel Guerra Pixel Art Avatar (self portrait)
Pixel Art

Avatars, characters & backgrounds, animation

Super Imperialism cover by Miguel Guerra
Book & Comic Covers

Kids books & comics to economics books. I've got you covered.


Films, TV, animation, comics,...

Graphic Design

Branding, logos, avatars, ads, marketing,...

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