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Miguel Guerra | 7 Robots About Us
Miguel Guerra

Co-founder, Creator, Artist

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Need a book cover for your work? Something unique and compelling that will make readers notice your book? I have 20 years of experience creating book covers. Everything from economics books to children’s literature to comics. We can work together to create something perfect just for you.

★ Book covers
★ Comic covers
★ Any kind of cover ツ

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★ Illustrations
★ Character Design
★ Concept Art 
★ Backgrounds
★ Graphic Design & Logos
★ Pixel Art
★ Storyboards

Print ready covers

I can provide a digital cover or a full print ready version. Whatever you need. Here’s an example of my work for Michael Hudson’s “…And forgive them their debts”

Miguel Guerra Covers Michael Hudson "And forgive them their debts"

Covers Samples


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Illustrations & digital drawings

Character & Concept Design

Animation, video games, avatars,...

Miguel Guerra Pixel Art Avatar (self portrait)
Pixel Art

Avatars, characters & backgrounds, animation

Super Imperialism cover by Miguel Guerra
Book & Comic Covers

Kids books & comics to economics books. I've got you covered.


Films, TV, animation, comics,...

Graphic Design

Branding, logos, avatars, ads, marketing,...

Webtoons & Comics

Ghost Metal category
Ghost Metal ★ WEBTOON

Horror, scifi anthology

Past Due satirical sci-fi comic (
Past Due

Satire, sci-fi, fantasy

Samurai Elf by Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias (
Samurai Elf

Sci-fi, fantasy, coming of age

Join us in the bullpen for some laughs