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Amigurumi Doll – Basic Body. FREE Patterns Too!

I just created this amigurumi doll pattern and I’m pretty happy with it. There are corrections I’ll make next time around, but I think it’s really cute. I’ve been crocheting for 6 months now and everything is a bit intimidating at first — and such a fun ride by the end. I read and watched a bunch of tutorials on basic amigurumi dolls, but I couldn’t find quite the right body type. Scroll down for a few FREE PATTERNS if you want to get started on trying your own. I wanted something that could stand on sturdy legs (if leaning on something), but could still sit, and would lend itself to smaller and larger versions. Now I’ll have to practice making hair and clothes and the rest. Stay tuned for more progress!


» FREE Patterns I found while searching for inspiration: