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CRASH, BOOM, POP! Money & Economics Exposed ☆FREE☆ Sample from @7robotsinc

Wouldn’t it be great to learn about the economy in a way that didn’t suck? To expose how money and economics actually work; to present the facts and highlight the absolute nonsense they teach us in school, but without all the complicated rhetoric…and make it as easy as reading a comic book.

Written in collaboration with Dr. Steve Keen, Head of the School of Economics, Politics and History at Kingston University London, founder of the Minsky open source economic simulator, and author of the bestselling, “Debunking Economics”, Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias will be putting his work into an exciting graphic format to illustrate his ideas and concepts. Leaning about economics was never so easy.

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Economics is full of BS — but there is an alternative. Bank bailouts, quantitative easing, housing bubbles, austerity, etc. – are all economic policies putting most of us in the poorhouse. You can fight back…but how? Knowledge is power! This series is all about common sense, humor and great illustrations. It’s 100% bull free.

Too many of us are living paycheck to paycheck. Income inequality is a worldwide problem. Students are graduating with record debts. Trillion dollar wars are charged to the national credit card of debt. We’re inheriting economies in crisis, with endless money printing, dismal job opportunities, sky high tuition fees and a housing market no one can afford.

These are baffling questions for many…including actual economists. Yes, that’s right. Much of what economists actually believe – and teach in their incredibly boring textbooks – is wrong.