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Earth Dream ☆FREE☆ Indie Illustrated Anthology from @7robotsinc

7 Robots | Earth Dream: FREE Anthology

7 Robots presents “Earth Dream”, a FREE sci-fi/fantasy anthology of universal proportions! Some of the indie scene’s most talented creators present their mind-blowing short stories in a never-ending exploration of original ideas.

» Click here for a FREE COPY of Vol.1 and Vol. 2 and to read more…

There are many things in this life that turn out to be worth much less than you paid for.
After downloading a copy of Earth Dream, you’ll wonder why we didn’t charge a penny.
Passion, dedication, and a singular drive to tell a good story are what drive our incredibly
skilled artists and writers. All you have to do is read it. Get lost in the art. For all those
who download a copy, we thank you.