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#MiguelGuerra Begins Art for Terry Jones’ #BOOMBUSTBOOM Site!

We are excited to announce that Miguel Guerra has already begun creating art for the Boom Bust Boom website (click here) to support Terry Jones’ film, well, Boom Bust Boom.

Boom Bust Boom (freelance art)

About the film:
“Monty Python” star Terry Jones, whose credits as a director include “Life of Brian” and “The Holy Grail,” has co-written, co-directed and presents a documentary feature on economics called “Boom Bust Boom,” which includes a contribution from John Cusack. A mix of live action, animation, puppetry and song, Python Terry Jones’ new documentary Boom Bust Boom walks us through the history of crashes and shows the link between our unstable economy and how economics is taught. It argues that in order to change the economic system, we must start with education: change the teaching, and the new generation of economics will change the system.


More info:
Movie trailer

Variety interview with Mr. Jones Boom Bust Boom (freelance art)