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#SamuraiElf ☆FREE☆ Comics from @7robotsinc

This sci-fi/fantasy series follows an unwilling hero as he witnesses the massive failures that plunge his world into a global war. When all he has left are his friends and a single-minded need for the truth, life on the edge forces him to raise his sword or fall on it. Our hero chooses to forge a new path. Follow this teen through a series of awakenings that will bring balance to the world or smash it in two.

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After reeling from multiple global wars, an anxious peace resides over the planet Tyr. As people start to rebuild, civilization is again threatened by a new enemy, The Horde — a hive-minded cybernetic army and their enigmatic leader, Lopt. They seek the one who holds the key to a legend that few still believe. The Horde is after Ardan, a teen Elf, hastily trained as a Samurai, but ignorant of why he’s being hunted. Ardan, his closest friend Keegan, and their ragtag crew of Samurai, Dwarves, outcasts and bounty hunters must unlock the secret to Ardan’s past before his ever increasing power destroys The Horde…and everything else worth saving.