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Travel Spain: Fallas in Valencia 2013-2016! Photos & Videos to Help You Choose a Destination by #SuzyDias

Valencia is burning…but it’s a good thing

I LOVE to travel and one of my favourite places to visit is Spain. Every March in Valencia there is the boisterous celebration of Las Fallas, which brings firecrackers, concerts, church rituals, Falleras in traditional dress, concerts, light shows, and plenty of churros. During the week ending March 19th, neighbourhoods all over Valencia construct hundreds of huge wooden, cardboard, or papier-mâché works of art, known as ninots.

These whimsically jaw dropping structures are usually satirical in nature, sometimes poking fun of current events and politicians (although gently). These marvelous structures are always brightly painted with an expert hand and built in a group scene. All of this creativity, art, and money goes up in flames on the night of March 19th – known as La Cremà. The way I see it, cremation = la cremación = la cremà. At least, that’s almost what it feels like…a light hearted New Orleans type festive funeral where no one actually dies.

As each ninot is incinerated, an appreciative audience cheers and a brass band plays their version of a upbeat funeral dirge (I’m taking artistic license here). As the ninot gives up the ghost and falls into pile of ashes, each spectator’s face burns hot from the flames. That’s when firefighters mercifully douse the flames and cool the scene down, and then move on to the next scheduled burning, where a new crowd anxiously awaits. It’s a wonderfully unique and cathartic experience that I would highly recommend to any traveler to Spain.

I’ve taken photos from 2013 – 2016 and thought I’d finally add them to my blog. Click on a year to see the pictures and the amateur video of La Cremà.

*Packing tip: Check the forecast before you arrive. For anyone who hasn’t been to this region of Spain in March, the weather can be cloudy and rainy or warm and sunny. I’ve been there for four years and only once was the weather pleasant enough for jeans and a t-shirt. Every other year I needed a warm jacket. Pack an umbrella or raincoat just in case. A warm scarf and thick socks are also easy to pack…just in case.


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