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What makes Barcelona a Beautiful City? The People Go Above and Beyond. Photos by #SuzyDias

Barcelona is a State of Mind

As I wandered around Barcelona, I was immensely impressed by how lovely the city was. It’s not the razzle-dazzle or the ritz that you may see in New York or Paris. For me, the best tourist attraction was the people and their businesses. Why? The care that they put into their shops, cafés, bakeries, restaurants, etc., and the effort the city puts into maintaining their sidewalks and buildings. I found so many examples of the effort of regular people (going that extra mile) that it created a captivating spirit that embraces the entire city. It’s not the city that makes the people, it’s the people that make Barcelona.

Here are photos of my meanderings around town as the city beguiled me with its charm.

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