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The new cover for #WolfBoy & His Magical Warriors is done! #MiguelGuerra #wp #miguelguerraartist

Wolf Boy and His Magical Warriors First Graphic Novel: The Flushing of Atlantis!

I completed the cover of our new graphic novel – Wolf Boy and His Magical Warriors and the Flushing of Atlantis!


Hijinks, magic, fun, and highflying adventure weave their way through every volume of this all-ages graphic novel series. This madcap trio sinks Atlantis, topples the Great Wall of China, destroys the Colossus of Rhodes, get Socrates arrested, and burns down the Library of Alexandria. Few have set history screaming off course more often than Wolf Boy and his Magical Warriors!

☆For more information on this hilarious all ages series, click here.

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Wolf Boy and His Magical Warriors Cover Miguel Guerra

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