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Merry Christmas from the #CrochetElf by #SuzyDias ❄☃

Crochet Christmas Elves for a Happy Holiday!

I couldn’t resist creating a little card out of the Elves I crocheted for this Christmas. This has been a great year and more and more people are asking me to create new things.

Kids Have the Greatest Ideas

My kids requested an elf and voilà! Here they are. I couldn’t stop at just one. I’m sure I’ll add a few more designs by next year.

Everyone who received these little guys seems to be enjoying their cheerful cuteness. To everyone out there, have a Happy Holiday!!

Purchase your Own Crochet Elf ❄

For your very own elf or to see more photos, click here.

Crochet Christmas Elf by Suzy Dias

I took this photo at the Paris Opera House. The wreath was lovely!

❄ For more information and photos, click here.