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New Cover for #WolfBoy & His Magical Warriors: The Flushing of #Atlantis by #SuzyDias & #MiguelGuerra

Wolf Boy and His Magical Warriors: Synopsis

As Wolf Boy, Monkey King and Tessi the Amazon wander through the ancient world, hijinks, magic and high-flying adventure weave their way through every volume. This madcap trio sinks Atlantis, topples the Great Wall of China, destroys the Colossus of Rhodes, get Socrates arrested, and burns down the Library of Alexandria. Few people know that most epic disasters in history were caused by these three buffoons.

Starring the ever naïve and oblivious Wolf Boy, the mythical, magical and forgetful Monkey King, and the agile and powerful Tessi the Amazon (hey, she ain’t no princess!). Join these friends for a fantastical romp of epic proportions!

The Flushing of Atlantis

We’re so happy to share our finished cover for our upcoming BD/graphic novel! Miguel and I are working hard on the first volume of Wolf Boy and His Magical Warriors entitled, The Flushing of Atlantis. As the title implies, there are lots of laughs and bizarre situations that the three friends are challenged with. Can Atlantis survive Wolf Boy? Ummmm… probably not.

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FREE sample of our very first comic book starring Wolf Boy called, The Wrath of Stickybeard (click here).

☆ For CHARACTER descriptions and more illustrations, click here.

Wolf Boy and His Magical Warriors (vol.1) the Flushing of Atlantis cover

FREE Sample

This is the comic that started it! The story covers Wolf Boy’s origins, falling off the back of a wagon and being raised by a mythical two-headed she wolf called Volupa. From this, Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias created this entirely new BD or graphic novel series. Click here for a free sample or click on the image below.

FREE Comic Sample: Wolf Boy and the Wrath of Stickybeard