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#SamuraiElf new character sketches in our YA sci-fi series by Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias

New Character Sketches for Samurai Elf available now for FREE

It’s been a little while, but I jumped back in and did some warm up sketches of the main characters in our YA sci-fi series – Samurai Elf. 

Samurai Elf follows an unwilling teen hero as he witnesses the massive failures that plunge his world into a global war. When all he has left are his friends and a single-minded need for the truth, life on the edge forces him to raise his sword or fall on it, but our hero chooses to forge his own path. Follow this teen through a series of awakenings that will either bring balance to the world or smash it in two.  

To download the FREE comics, click here.


• Download the FREE comics
• Samurai Elf vol.1 Set Apart (print copy)
• Samurai Elf vol.2 Bull’s Eye (print copy)
• Book trailer (video)