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The Making of Crochet #SuperMario & #Luigi by #SuzyDias

The Making of Crochet Super Mario & Luigi

I little behind the scenes look at a special gift I’m working on for my fabulous nephew Matteo. I asked all of them what they would like and being the cool kids they are, they gave me some really fun projects to figure out. One of my favorites is this pair of video game icons.

The Mario Brothers!

Luigi is the slightly younger and taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo’s mascot Mario. They appear together in many games and Luigi is often Mario’s sidekick.

Crochet Mario Brothers in the Making…

So here they are so far. I hope Mateo likes them!

Crochet Super Mario & Luigi (Making of) by Suzy Dias

Crochet Super Mario & Luigi (Making of) by Suzy Dias

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