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Press Release: Guerra and Dias Drop “Super Corporate Heroes” Title for “Past Due”

PR “Super Corporate Heroes” Title for “Past Due” in their Satirical Graphic Novel Series

For Immediate Release

Guerra and Dias to Drop “Super Corporate Heroes” Title for “Past Due” in their Satirical Graphic Novel Series

Paris, France, July, 2018

Over four years after co-creators Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias published volume 1 of “Super Corporate Heroes”, 7 Robots will change the title of this graphic novel series to Past Due.

“We wanted the title to better reflect the direction our series is taking,” Suzy explains. “Since this series is predicated on our belief that the story dictates the look and feel, it was natural to have a radical transformation in Miguel’s art style. We go back in time to Winters’ youth in the 1700s. You may think this is a spoiler, but you’ll see it in the first few pages. In order to help our readers feel like they’re stepping into the past, Miguel utilizes a completely different art style. As a young man, Winters discovers some bizarre family secrets that lead him on a life and death struggle to find out the truth about his father and a mysterious benefactor who protects him. The book also foreshadows events that transform him into the villain we see in volume 1.

Miguel continues, “We didn’t want people to think this was a superhero comic. In this world, superheroes are used by the villain as a means to achieving his goals. A superhero is someone who works for a living like everyone else. They are exceptional in a “super” way, but they’re basically specialized rescue workers.

“Indeed,” Suzy adds. “Past Due better reflects the overall story. Instead of solely being associated with the superhero genre, we can reveal our real story…an Alexandre Dumas film noir adventure.” [read more…]

 Suzy Dias
Publisher: 7 Robots
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