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Crochet Summer of 2018 Amigurumi Madness

Crochet Summer of 2018 Amigurumi Madness!

Crochet Summer of 2018

I received so many requests for amigurumi toys! Each one raised it’s own challenges and took a considerable amount of time to figure out the patterns (they were all new patterns!), but wow! I had a great time – once I knew what I was doing.

Amigurumi Madness

It was so much fun to see all of my little creations once they were complete. I even threw them on my bed (after kicking my kids off – I mean after asking them politely to get off my bed haha!) took a picture. This doesn’t include all of them, but most of them.

Crochet Summer of 2018

More, more, more!

I created posts for most of these, so if you’d like to see more pics, click on one of the following images:

Crochet Hello Kitty Amigurumi Cuteness

Amigurumi Hello Kitty Crochet by Suzy Dias

Crochet Stranger Things: Eleven and Lucas Sinclair

Crochet Stranger Things Eleven and Lucas Sinclair by Suzy Dias

Crochet Super Mario and Luigi

Crochet Super Mario and Luigi by Suzy Dias

Josephine Baker Keychain

Crochet Josephine Baker Keychain by Suzy Dias

Crochet Josephine Baker Doll

Crochet Josephine Baker by Suzy Dias

* Check my blog for more amigurumi madness!