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Happy Halloween! Our Annual Kids Halloween Wall

Happy Halloween! Kids Halloween Wall of Art

Happy Halloween! Kids Halloween Wall of Art

Kids Halloween Wall

For the last couple of years, my kids create so much art for Halloween that I don’t know what to do with it. So, I decided to hang them all up.

Now it’s a family tradition to create our Halloween Wall every year. The kids can create whatever they want and I have somewhere to put it. It’s easy, it’s fun and the kids love seeing their art on display.

Try it with your family too. It’s festive, economical and looks great!

An Extra Happy Halloween!

We wanted to wish you a very Happy Halloween this year. Miguel went a little crazy with the Horror Ink Sketches (click here to see them all). He often gets caught up in a creative frenzy and this year it was all a about monsters for a few days.

Horror Ink Sketches by Miguel Guerra