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Horror Ink Sketches by Miguel Guerra – Alien with a Raygun

Horror Ink Sketches by Miguel Guerra - Alien with a Raygun. Part of the Horror Ink Sketches series

Horror Ink Sketches

As part of our horror countdown we’re posting one new ink sketch every day. All through October, Miguel was caught up in a creative frenzy and drew a ton of Horror movie inspired illustrations! It was pretty crazy. Every time I arrived home, there were more black and white sketches all over the place. So, we’re posting all 25 horror sketches! 

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Small Gray Aliens

“Small Gray” is the common name given to the most common of the beings that are thought of as an “alien,” or extraterrestrial (not from earth). When someone draws a picture of an alien, it is often a small gray.

The words “small gray” are descriptive of how the beings look. Small grays are gray in color, believed to be about 3 feet tall, and although their heights vary, none are as large as human beings. They look similar to human beings: head, trunk, two arms and two legs, hands with fingers (the number of fingers I don’t know).

The head is hairless, the face is a roundish egg shape (point down). Eyes are large and oversized for the face, almond shaped, all black, not having a white or pupil or eyelid. The mouth is small, no lips, teeth are usually not drawn. Their body is almost child like: small, thin, hairless, with no distinct muscle development (the opposite of a weight lifter), or evidence of gender. Small Gray’s are usually drawn as having no clothing or body covering.” [click here to read more]

Alien with a Raygun by Miguel Guerra

Horror Ink Sketches by Miguel Guerra - Alien with a Raygun. Part of the Horror Ink Sketches series

10 great films about aliens visiting Earth

“Since the sci-fi heyday of the 1950s – a decade which saw both the dawn of the real-world space age, and a continually escalating threat of global nuclear war – mainstream cinema has been somewhat obsessed with the subject of alien invasion, offering as it does the opportunity for audiences to reflect on real-world crises while revelling in escapist spectacle. Less mainstream filmmakers have also repeatedly exploited the notion of the extraterrestrial visitor for its allegorical and metaphorical potential.” [click here to read more]

The Best Alien Movies Ever Made… Maybe?

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