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Crochet Hearts for Birthday Gift Bags

Crochet Heart for my Daughter’s Birthday Gift Bags

I’m preparing for my daughter’s birthday and wanted to add something crocheted (of course). But what? I want it to be something her little friends would like and could use on their backpacks or to hang up in their rooms.

As always, I did a few online searches and used Pinterest to find something I liked. I tried a couple of patterns, then experimented with colors. I just used what I had on my shelf. I also added a wooden piece (a heart or a cloud) that was already had twine attached. It made a cute little keychain! With my daughter’s approval, I’ll be adding these to the gift bags.

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FREE Crochet Heart Tutorial

There are so many tutorials if you use the keywords “3D crochet heart” in your search engine. Select whichever you like.
This is the one I used from Lanas y Ovillos in English (click here)

I hope you enjoy making your own crochet hearts for yourself or someone else.