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Crochet Kiki’s Delivery Service – a work in progress

Crochet Kiki's Delivery Service

Crochet Kiki’s Delivery Service

I love every movie from Studio Ghibli, but there are a few that really stand out and touched my heart. Kiki’s Delivery Service has some of the most gorgeous settings, lovable and complex characters, and a strong sense of transformation often assigned to growing up, but in the case of Kiki, any moment of transition in your life. I thought it’s about time I tackled creating an amigurumi Kiki.

Kiki’s a movie I cherish

Kiki's Delivery Service

Part of my attachment to Kiki’s Delivery Service is once when I watched it as an adult just after we moved from New York to Valencia in Spain. It was a huge life change. My husband had taken my son out to the park and I was with my daughter. After getting most of the boxes unpacked, including our old school DVDs, I saw Kiki with her giant red bow and smiled. Selecting this movie was more for me than for my daughter who was only two, but she enjoyed it for a while until she fell asleep.

To my surprise, I couldn’t believe how much I related to it. I don’t know if it’s Hayao Miyazaki or the original book by Eiko Kadono, but I felt like I was experiencing much of the same emotions as little Kiki. As she moved to a new city and started all over again, I felt much of the same anxiety. They did such a wonderful job of capturing loneliness. I was floored! So much emotional depth in one animé makes it a true treasure. As I watched this lovely movie and again got tears in my eyes as (spoiler coming up) Kiki rescues her friend Tombo, I looked at my sleeping baby girl and thought, “I can’t wait until your old enough to watch this with me.”

In case you’re wondering, we moved again a few years later to France and my daughter and I have seen Kiki’s Delivery Service together at least 4 times. It’s a movie I cherish for the phenomenal story, the characters and the memories.

Crochet Jiji?

Before you ask if I created a Jiji, the answer is…I tried. I couldn’t work out a design for a small version that was still cute (and looked like Kiki). If I can figure out how to miniaturize and improve my design, I’ll post it here.

Crochet Kiki

Here’s my first Kiki! I can’t believe it took my so long to try. The next time I try, I’ll definitely improve a few things, including making her arms longer! I’ll also make her bag bigger and of course, add her best friend, Jiji.

Crochet Kiki's Delivery Service by Suzy Dias

Crochet Kiki's Delivery Service by Suzy Dias

Crochet Kiki's Delivery Service by Suzy Dias