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Storyboards Panels for “Land of the Living” Horror Animation

“Land of the Living” by James Pinard

I previously worked with James Pinard when I did the cover for his fantastic book, Land of the Living (volume 1). He went on to write two move volumes in his Land of the Living series before contacting me to help him create a pitch for an animated series. I was happy to work with Jim again, especially on such a great story. Horror, mystery, sci-fi…what’s not to love?

Here’s a little bit about his series:

When James Creed wakes up in his parents’ house in the year 1985, he’s greeted by familiar people and settings. The problem is he remembers being a 50 year old man in the year 2015.

Memory told him both of his parents and the woman he loved were gone, but he slowly realizes that he’s traveled back in time to an alternate version of the eighties. President Kennedy is still alive, and the head of a secret time travel program, and perhaps the strangest thing of all – his loved ones are still alive.

He faces a challenge for which he’s not prepared, but he doesn’t have to fight his battle alone. To his amazement, his son, Michael, travels back from the year 2035 to help him discover the true reason he was sent back.

But another mysterious time traveler hunts him from the shadows, and James’ journey becomes a race to save his future existence in the Land Of The Living… [read more…]

This is the first of three posts with art from my storyboards.

A few "Land of the Living" storyboard panels