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Wolf Boy and the Magical Warriors Extra Character Sketches

Wolf Boy and the Magical Warriors The Flushing of Atlantis extra character sketches


Only a handful of people alive today know that most epic disasters in history were caused by these three buffoons: a quixotic wolf boy with too much brawn for his brains, a pre-teen Amazon with way too much attitude and a mischievous magic monkey who loves to have fun.

As Wolf Boy, Tessi the Amazon and Monkey King wander through the ancient world, hijinks, magic and high-flying adventure weave their way through every volume.

This madcap trio sinks Atlantis, topples the Great Wall of China, destroys the Colossus of Rhodes, gets Socrates arrested and burns down the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. They also help innocent victims find justice, like rescuing Medusa from her lonely fate as a hideous monster and protecting IO (ancestor mom of Hercules) from Hera’s wrath after Zeus cruelly transformed her into a white cow.

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