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Interview with Ray Felix p2: Superhero Trademark Controversy

Interview with Ray Felix part 2

Blowing the lid off of Marvel and DC’s stranglehold on the use of the word Superhero. Miguel Guerra and Ray discuss Marvel and DC’s aggressive corporate lawyers and how an indie creator like Ray protected his right to use Superhero. Highlights from this interview include…

• What happened when Marvel and DC sued Ray over the title of his book, A World Without Superheroes? How did the epic battle end?
• The history of the word “superhero”, from Friedrich Nietzsche’s Uberman to National Comics Publications (aka DC Comics) to the modern day.
• Original lawsuit between DC and Fawcett comics over Captain Marvel and Superman
• Goes deeper into the issues he’s had both with Punchline and other characters
• Beware of DC Editors who also work as teachers or advisors! They might steal your ideas.
• Recommended book, “Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book” by Gerard Jones

Protect your work…if you can

I fist spoke to Ray Felix about his legal battles with Marvel and DC back in 2013. Ray’s self published book, A World Without Superheroes, was challenged by both Marvel and DC over his use of “superhero” in the title. The Big Two claim they own “superhero” in any context (damn!). Our interview was so popular, many news sites and blogs, like The Guardian and the New York Daily News wrote articles about it. To read the full interview, click here.

I decided to follow up with Ray of Bronx Heroes Publishing, and see how he’s doing. Let’s just say, he’s been busy! I divided our compelling conversation into a series of interviews, where we discuss:

• How to survive as an independent comic creator
• Protecting your intellectual property against corporate lawyers
• The hidden world of ghost writers, artists and finishers. Who creates your favorite comics?

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