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Interview with Ray Felix part 5: Protect Yourself Against Idea Thieves

The seedy side of the comics industry

I fist spoke to Ray Felix about his legal battles with Marvel and DC back in 2013. Ray’s self published book, A World Without Superheroes, was challenged by both Marvel and DC over his use of “superhero” in the title. The Big Two claim they own “superhero” in any context (damn!). Our interview was so popular, many news sites and blogs, like The Guardian and the New York Daily News wrote articles about it. To read the full interview, click here.

I decided to follow up with Ray of Bronx Heroes Publishing, and see how he’s doing. Let’s just say, he’s been busy! I divided our compelling conversation into a series of interviews, where we discuss:

• How to survive as an independent comic creator
• Protecting your intellectual property against corporate lawyers
• The hidden world of ghost writers, artists and finishers. Who creates your favorite comics?

Interview with Ray Felix part 5

How to navigate the comic industry’s shady business practices when you’re a small indie creator. Highlights include…

• Tips to help you spot when people are trying to take advantage of you

• The widespread use of ghost artists and writers, often referred to as finishers, by mainstream comics (Marvel and DC).

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