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Easy Crochet Cat Tutorial Part 1: Heads Up (easy sphere)

Crochet Cat with Bendable Tail and Big Paws =เถงแ†ผเถง=

In this first part, I’ll show you how to create the head (sphere), add the eyes and embroider the face on this cute little cat. If you follow the videos (or the pattern), you’ll end up with an an adorable cat with a bendable tail and giant paws so she stands on her own. So, grab your favorite drink, relax and follow along!

This is an easy project and ideal for beginners. Original pattern by Suzy Dias.. I provided all of the links below…

โ˜… Get the FREE pattern
โ˜† Easy Crochet Cat Tutorial Part 1: Heads Up (sphere)
โ˜† Easy Crochet Cat Tutorial Part 2: Purr-fect Ears (triangels)
โ˜† Easy Crochet Cat Tutorial Part 3: Furr-midable body (oval)
โ˜† Easy Crochet Cat Tutorial Part 4: It’s Paws-ible
โ˜† Easy Crochet Cat Tutorial Part 5: Head to Tail (flexible tube)

โค All of my free patterns
โ˜… My Ravelry store

This is my very first pattern, and it’s also my most popular (click here). I made this for my daughter when I was first learning how to crochet. Her only only requirement was to make it stand up. There weren’t many patterns and none that I could follow as a beginner.

From all the wonderful feedback I’ve received, there are a few features that people really seem to like:

โ˜† Simple shapes that are easy to make
โ˜† Stands on her own
โ˜† Bendable tail

Video Tutorial

I’ve wanted to make videos for a while now, but I was a bit nervous. I learned how to crochet from watching videos and I want to help people make their own toys. It’s challenging, cheap and you get a fabulous toy when you’re done! Easy Crochet Cat Part 1: Heads Up on YouTube.

But where to start? Why not at the beginning. My very first tutorial accompanies my first pattern. I hope making this along with following the pattern and doing this with me makes it easier for you to make your own cute little cat.

Things where the watching a video can help you:

โ˜† Embroidering the face
โ˜† Making the paws
โ˜† Creating the tail

Original FREE pattern

FREE Crochet Cat pattern by Suzy Dias
Click here for the free pattern
Easy Crochet Cat Tutorial
Click to watch