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WEBTOON ep12: Wolf Boy Meets the Amazon!

Wolf Boy episode 12: “Amazon, Amazoff”

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The only slapstick comedy that finds Atlantis…and then sinks it. 😅 

Did you know that most EPIC DISASTERS in history were caused by three buffoons? The Library of Alexandria burning? Them. The toppling of the Pillars of Hercules? Totally them. The Delphic oracles? They quit. Join Wolf Boy who’s so sweet, so strong and SO stupid, Tessi the Amazon, a notoriously bad tempered pre-teen, and the immortal magical Monkey King who loves to party. You can always count on Wolf Boy to do the right thing in exactly the wrong way. [read more…] 💫


• Creators: Suzy Dias and Miguel Guerra
• Artist: Miguel Guerra
• Writer: Suzy Dias
• WEBTOONS homepage
• Wolf Boy and the Magical Warriors homepage
• 📅 Up every WEDNESDAY
• Ages: All ages
• Genre: Comedy, historical fantasy, adventure
• Similar Titles: Adventure Time, SpongeBob SquarePants, Asterix and George of the Jungle

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WEBTOON ep.12: Wolf Boy & the Magic Warriors