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7Robots Fantastically Terrible Podcast ep7: Creepy Christmas Monsters & Ghosts

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Episode 7: Creepy Christmas Monsters & Ghost Stories

Scaring the crap out of your guests was once an integral part of Christmas Eve festivities in Victorian England. Whatโ€™s Christmas without murder, sadistic torture by a horned demon, or being cooked and eaten by an Icelandic ogress? Well, today weโ€™ll list our top 10 favorite Christmas monsters from around the world and discuss a few classic Victorian ghost stories. If this all sounds new to you, stay tuned. It gets even more bizarre.

Fantastically Terrible Character or Creature

At the end of every episode, we like to highlight a Fantastically Terrible Character or Creature.

Today we look at the Jรณlakรถtturinn or the The Yule Cat of Iceland. This ginormous and hungry killer grimalkin hangs out in the home of our favorite Icelandic ogress, Grรฝla. Unlike the other Christmas monsters we mentioned, the Yule Cat doesnโ€™t give a damn about your moral code. It hunts for children and adults alike, naughty or nice. Itโ€™s kind of refreshing. The colossal predator sees everyone exactly the same — as a tasty meal.

So, what can you do to prevent being torn apart and eaten by this feline fiend? Perhaps a feat of strength or a game of wits? No, just make sure you get a new piece of clothing for Christmas. Who knew that ugly Christmas sweater you get every year would finally come in handy.

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Christmas Monsters

โ˜… The Monsters of Christmas
โ˜… Legendary Christmas Monsters
โ˜… These 20 Terrifying Christmas Monsters Will Haunt Your Holidaysย 
โ˜… A Brief History of the Krampus
โ˜… Krampus was a Dame!
โ˜… The Yule Cat of Iceland: A Different Kind of Christmas Tradition
โ˜… The terrifying tradition of the Mari Lwyd
Mari Lwyd (video)
Tradition of the Mari Lwyd – BBC Cymru (1966)
โ˜…ย Perchta: Evil Witch Of The Alps โ€“ An Old Tradition That Still Continues
โ˜… Belsnickelย 
โ˜… Le Pรจre Fouettard: The French Christmas cannibal who serves Santa Claus
โ˜… The story of Knecht Ruprecht
โ˜… Schmutzli: the Swiss Santa’s sinister sidekick
โ˜… The legend of La Befana โ€“ The Witch of Christmas
โ˜… The Story of the Babushka

Victorian Ghost Stories

โ˜… Ghost Stories of Christmas: A creepy Victorian tradition
โ˜… Why Do People Tell Ghost Stories on Christmas?
โ˜… M.R. James wrote many (click here for a full list)
โ˜… Between the Lights by E.F. Benson (1912)ย 
Between the Lights by E.F. Benson
โ˜… The Kit-Bagby Algernon Blackwood (1908)
The Kit Bag by Algernon Blackwood. Told by Edward E. French
โ˜… A Strange Christmas Game, by J.H. Riddell (a.k.a. Charlotte Riddell, 1863)
A Strange Christmas Game, by J.H. Riddell | Narrated by Michael Whitehouse
โ˜… Smee by A.M. Burrage (1931)
Smee by A. M. Burrage as told by Edward E French
Smee by A.M. Burrage audiobook CLASSIC HORROR โ€• Chilling Tales for Dark Nights