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7Robots Fantastically Terrible Podcast ep22: Release the Tangents!

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Episode 22: Release the Tangents!

Today we will release the Kraken! 

We decided to unleash Miguel Guerra’s stupendous skill for tangents. We’ll be doing some comparative mythology and we’ll see how far Miguel will push our discussion. We’re also giving you a challenge. See how many tangents you can count and let us know in the comments. Then, come back next week and we’ll reveal the true number and read your comments on the show.

A few mythological tangents are…

• Irish: Oisín and the land of eternal youth
• Japanese: Urashima Tarō  
• Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving
• The Trickster Hero
• Pandora
• Eve
• Zeus is a horny dog!
• Odin vs Zeus and the quest for wisdom
• Plato’s recounting of Solon’s story of Atlantis
• …and more

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Fantastically Terrible Character or Creature

This week’s Fantastically Terrible Character or Creature is Roman Moronie from the 1984 movie, Johnny Dangerously. Richard Dimitri played this hard working murdering Mafia stereotype before they deported his butt back to…Sweden? In the words of Johnny (played by Michael Keaton), “The years hadn’t softened Moronie. He continued to murder the English Language, and anyone who got in his way.”

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