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7Robots Fantastically Terrible Podcast ep25: Top Myths – Who Killed the Buffalo?

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Top Myths

Episode 25: Who Killed the Buffalo? 

Today we’ll discuss two of the top Myths About Native Americans.

Myth #1 : The Plains Indians over hunted and killed off the buffalo.

Myth #2 : There are no more Indians left. They all died out a long time ago.

Fantastically Terrible Character or Creature: The Wolf Leader

The Fantastically Terrible Character or Creature this week is connected to Alexandre Dumas, which we talked about on episode 24. We mentioned his horror books, including One Thousand and One Ghosts, The Pale Lady and Le Vampire. But we forgot to mention his werewolf novel. That’s right! In 1857 he published “The Wolf Leader”.

The story is set around 1780 in Dumas’ hometown and is said to have been based on a local folktale Dumas was told as a boy. The story is about a shoemaker named Thibault, who unfortunately interrupted the Lord of Vez while he hunting, for which he was severely beaten by the Lord’s gamekeeper. Later, Thibault is approached by a large wolf walking on its hind legs like a man. The wolf speaks and makes him and offer. Thibault can wish harm on anyone he likes and it will come to pass. In exchange, the wolf asks for one hair from Thibault’s head for each evil wish. To seal the deal, the two exchange rings. Another perk for Thibault is that he can control the local wolves.

So, with his new power ready to be tested, Thibault wishes for vengeance! He wants the gamekeeper dead and the Lord of Vez injured. I’m not sure why he didn’t kill the Lord and injure the gamekeeper, but maybe that’s just me.

Thibault continues to make evil wishes, but nothing goes according to plan and in the end it all comes back to bite him in the derrier. The locals eventually suspect that Thibault is the werewolf. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say…it’s not what you might expect.

Some critics say that “The Wolf Leader” is one of Alexandre Dumas’ worst stories, however, others believe it’s one of his most imaginative stories of good versus evil. You can be the judge.

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