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7Robots Fantastically Terrible Podcast ep28: UFOs are Real!…Again

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Episode 28: UFOs are Real!…Again

People have been reporting inexplicable things flying in the sky for 100s of years. So when did the US government start to sit up and pay attention? Starting in the 1940s, UFO investigators seemed genuinely interested in listening to witnesses and finding answers. Then there was a period of denial. The focus was no longer on finding the truth, or leaving cases “unidentified”, but on providing an answer to every sighting, no matter how absurd (swamp gas anyone?).

So, where do things stand now? The U.S. government in 2021 finally admitted that it has credible witnesses and physical proof of UFOs or UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomenon) that are “unidentified”. Thanks for the 360 that brought us all the way back to 1947.

Now let’s take a look back at where it all started and where things changed. There were probably three critical moments that lead to the US government to focus on UFOs. 

1. World War II ending and the start of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

2. Kenneth Arnold’s historic 1947 sighting of a UFO.

3. The Roswell incident the summer of 1947.

Fantastically Terrible Character or Creature: Nommo

The Fantastically Terrible Character or Creature this week are the Nommo. The Nommo are the ancestral spirits venerated by the Dogon people of Mali. But they’re not your typical spirits. They’re aliens from Sirius B who came to Earth to share their knowledge. According to French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen who consistently stayed with the Dogon in the 1920s and 1930s, the tribe was aware of the existence of Sirius B, which is where the Nommo game from….on spaceships. They knew every detail of the white dwarf near Sirius B. They knew the length of its orbit in years, the shape of its orbit and the fact that the white dwarf is quite dense.


Nomo (wiki)

How Did The Dogon Tribe Know About Sirius B?

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