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Ghost Metal: Earth Dream ep9

Ghost Metal

Watch each week as we serve you scifi & horror stories on a macabre menu of detestable delights. Then we’ll reach into the dark parts of our collective unconscious for dessert. Like a blinding shaft of light in a pitch black room, we’ll put you in the shoes of our unfortunate victims with each short story.
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• Created by Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias
• Art by Miguel Guerra
• Written by Suzy Dias
• WEBTOON short stories
• Genre: Horror, sci-fi, monsters
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"Earth Dream" (series 6)

Earth Dream

Introducing Ghost Metal’s 6th series on WEBTOON.


If you like sci-fi, physics and Native American mythology, EARTH DREAM is the trippy dreamscape for you! 

In an imaginary world in the future (or past), the bridge between our world and the spiritual realm is temporarily connected. Can they shake the world awake? She’s lost in a nightmare created by the people of “Metal and Acid”.

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