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Ghost Metal Hit 300 Subscribers on Webtoon

Ghost Metal Hit 300 Subscribers  

We’re thrilled to announce that our FREE webcomic just passed 300! Thank you lovely readers & those amazing people who sub and like our work. We appreciate it so much!

We promise to continue to work our butts off bringing you absolutely original sci-fi and horror short stories. Each one has it’s own art style by Miguel Guerra, which makes crafting each story incredibly challenging to satisfying. 

What’s Ghost Metal about?

Ghost Metal is a new sci-fi and horror series by Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias.

Read each week as we serve you sci-fi and horror stories on a macabre menu of detestable delights. Then we’ll reach into the dark parts of our collective unconscious for dessert. Like a blinding shaft of light in a pitch black room, we’ll put you in the shoes of our unfortunate victims with each short story.

=^._.^= ∫ Up every Friday for your abhorrent amusement.


Where can I read your FREE webcomic?

💀 Read on WEBTOON
(⌐■_■) ︻デ═一 ▸  Read on TAPAS 
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😵‍💫 We’ll add 100 short stories!
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• Created by Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias
• Art by Miguel Guerra
• Written by Suzy Dias
• WEBTOON short stories
• Genre: Horror, sci-fi, monsters
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