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Ghost Metal: The Grind ep7 | Special 2-Part Grand Finale

Ghost Metal: The Grind (s7) ep 7 | FINAL

Ghost Metal

Sci-fi & horror stories served on a macabre menu of detestable delights. For dessert we’ll reach into the dark parts of our collective unconscious. Our unfortunate victims will be served à la carte.

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• Created by Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias
• Art by Miguel Guerra
• Written by Suzy Dias
• WEBTOON short stories
• Genre: Horror, sci-fi, monsters
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"The Grind" (series 7)

Ghost Metal: The Grind (s7) Grand Finale promo

Special 2-Part Grand Finale!

For the first time ever, we’re giving you 2 full episodes for our special 2-part finale of The GRIND!

This series was a lot of work. And YOUR comments actually influenced the ending! Your feedback gave us important things to consider and we tried to answer all of your questions.

We apologize for all our meandering thoughts. Like everyone else, we’re still working out this thing called life.

A Special Thank you to a few people in particular for your continued support:

Kendial, NicholeCrafts, Tanuki420, Right hand of god, Hey_Its_Kelvin, Riverxx, Lettucing and Wes Heretik.

We appreciate your likes and comments every week. YOU ROCK!!

The Grind

Introducing Ghost Metal’s 7th series on WEBTOON and TAPAS.


Are the humans robots or the robots human?

Long ago, the sacred elites debated replacing humans with robots. It was a difficult decision. Welcome to the dystopian world of The Grind.

Ghost Metal: The Grind (s7) ep 3

The Grind sample art

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