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Casey’s Pocket Pebble is now for sale!

Casey's Pocket Pebble by Mrs. M art by Miguel Guerra

Casey’s Pocket Pebble

“Casey’s Pocket Pebble” is now for sale! Smiling face with smiling eyes This heartwarming story is by Mrs. M featuring super cute art by our own Miguel Guerra! Children will connect with this book filled with empathy, hope and healing.
“This heartwarming story is filled with empathy, hope and healing. When Casey notices that his teacher Mrs. M is hurting, he gives her a pebble from the playground. The pebble is full of love and kindness. Follow the journey of his pebble from Mrs. M to other students. It is Casey’s hope that the pebble will travel to all that need it. This story is written to encourage children to be aware of how others are feeling and to show empathy and kindness to those around them. Like Casey, children will begin to understand that empathy and kindness can help to heal hurting hearts. The meaningful text combined with colourful and emotive illustrations, will surely warm your heart.” [read more…]
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