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Ghost Metal’s Lastest Series: “Samurai Elf” FREE on Webtoon

Samurai Elf chapter 2

┏┫*`ー´┣━━━━━●)゚O゚).。゚Back by popular demand is Samurai Elf chapter 2.

When we last saw Ardan Nasan in Series 11, he learned about the period after the Warring States, when people from around the planet TYR volunteered to stop the Global War and negotiate peace. An exceptional group of volunteers were elected to guard the peace and rebuild.

Under their noses, one of these Guardians named Lopt formed a new army that he controls absolutely. They’re known simply as – The Horde. Lopt kills indiscriminately, but he’s obsessed with exterminating Elves.

Ardan, believed to be the last Elf, was hidden as a baby, but Lopt’s hunters tracked him down. He was rescued and is now being trained by general Deku Omaha. He was a friend of Ardan’s parents and grandarents and faught with them during the last global war. He promised to protect their son until his last breath.

Quick Summary

After reeling from multiple global wars, an anxious peace resides over the planet Tyr. As people start to rebuild, civilization is again threatened by a new enemy, The Horde — a hive-minded cybernetic army and their enigmatic leader, Lopt. They seek the one who holds the key to a legend that few still believe. The Horde is after Ardan, a teen Elf, hastily trained as a Samurai, but ignorant of why he’s being hunted. Ardan, his closest friend Keegan, and their ragtag crew of Samurai, Dwarves, outcasts and bounty hunters must unlock the secret to Ardan’s past before his ever increasing power destroys The Horde…and everything else worth saving.

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Read Chapter 1

Before you start chapter 2, we recommend that you read chapter 1. All 10 episodes are up now. Look for Series 11.

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