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Ghost Metal’s Lastest Series: “The Abyss” on Webtoon

Ghost Metal

New series: The Abyss

We were on a short hiatus (1 month), but we’re back. You might be asking – Where the heck have you been?ย  That’s an excellent question!

We’ve been working on comic submissions for publishers.ย  You remember those paper graphic novels? So old fashioned, right?

Well, we sent a submission out at the start of the year, but unfortunately, nothing panned out. {Wah Wah}

But it’s all good. We just brushed the dust off and decided to do it all over again. We’re gluttons for punishment. Luckily, one very generous editor provided some excellent feedback which we incorporated that into a new submission. Keep your fingers crossed.๐Ÿคž

If you love doing something enough, it’s worth trying a few times…or until you pass out from exhaustion.

The problem is time. Since we need to keep working our day jobs (damn it!) and taking care our 2 lovely kids, we had to put a smallย  pause on our Webtoon series to get it all done.

Ghost Metal Webtoon FREE series by Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias
Ghost Metal Webtoon FREE series by Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias

The Abyss

Series 19, Ep 1

We really liked the story for our first submission, so we thought we’d share it with you.

May we present –ย  “The Abyss” (working title). There are 3 episodes and we hope you like it. On the off chance the full comic gets published one day (maybe? possibly?), we have to be careful about what we share with you (they like ‘unpublished’ submissions).

So, you will notice 2 weird things with this story…

1) There’s no dialogue.

2) Half the comic of is fully colored, while the other half is only inked.

{Ahem} Think of it as an “experimental” webtoon. Now with all of that in mind…Let’s collaborate!

You create the story!

Since there are no words, tell us what you think is going on in the comments of the Webtoon episode. Oooh! That would be great!

Now, without further ado, we’re happy to present…Ghost Metal (series 19): The Abyss.

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Ghost Metal Webtoon FREE series by Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias

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