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Ghost Metal’s Lastest Series: “Past Due” FREE on Webtoon

Past Due chapter 3, Ep 1

ast Due slaps a satirical spin on everything we know about superheroes, money and power.

After powerful corporations crush the golden age of non-profit superheroes, new rules are designed for a new generation of heroes who must use their extraordinary powers to earn a living. In this alternate reality, superheroes must be licensed by a mega insurance company called Superhero, Inc. How are people in this modern society saved by their favorite superhero? They buy insurance of course. You have to pay to be saved.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, we lambast many modern sacred cows like too big to fail corporations, the idea of superheroes being selfless father figures, the filthy rich and everyone else just trying to make a living.

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About Ghost Metal

Horror, sci-fi & comedy from the dark shadows. Ghastly slice of life, revenge, black comedies, creepy mysteries, unrequited love & of course, monsters. Art by Miguel Guerra & written by Suzy Dias. Stories by both. Click here to find out more.

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โ˜… Ghost Metal homepage
โ˜… Created by Miguel Guerra & Suzy Dias
โ˜… Artist: Miguel Guerra
โ˜… Writer: Suzy Dias
โ˜… Type: Short stories
โ˜… Genre: Comedy, horror, sci-fi and fantasy
โ˜… Miguel Guerra Portfolio
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Ghost Metal's Lastest Series: "Past Due" FREE on Webtoon

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