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Sneak Peak: The New #CRASHBOOMPOP (vol.1) Cover

We were using a temporary/maybe/hmmm cover as we’ve worked on our graphic novel about the economics crisis we’re all mired in – CRASH, BOOM, POP!: Money & Economics Exposed, but now we have the final illustration. It’s a great mix of the comics Miguel Guerra (artist) and I love, plus the image of tiny Steve Keen (our kick ass economist) fighting the behemoth monster that unchecked money creation has spawned. Stay tuned for the full cover.


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: The New #CRASHBOOMPOP (vol.1) Cover”

  1. Great poem! Thank you for your comment and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work. The imagery is perfect. I can see why – when you saw the beast on our cover – it reminded you of this.

  2. It looks great and as an economics teacher, I love finding graphic novels on economics and Steve Keen is a great economist to use to explain things. Funnily enough I wrote a poem on the financial crash, although I’m not sure many realise it’s on that. There are several sentences where I use CDO and CDS initials as starting point for sentences. I hope you enjoy it from one creative to another:


    When it came to partying, no one could
    outlast the beast. It destroyed everything
    in its path. A genuine weapon of
    mass destruction. Champagne, Drambuie, scotch,
    the chosen drink obliterated in
    a matter of seconds, forget minutes.

    Beast gave us pleasure, beast urged us on to
    do whatever we wanted. It was said
    that excess was the new norm. And who would
    deny the beast? Clearly not you or I.
    Complicated, dangerous, sexy – we
    all craved a piece of the beast. It was true
    our conscience didn’t operate in the
    party zone. We all looked the other way.

    And so it carried on. We kept drinking.
    Double vision became triple vision,
    double vision became triple vision,
    became triple vision.
    The beast egged us on, we were mesmerised
    by those bubbles. So many rose to the
    top but it’s the filth that creates the bubbles.
    The beast got crazier, drunker, stronger.
    We accepted collateral damage
    overtime – this was another new norm.

    As chaos descended over us all
    we finally changed but the beast didn’t.
    You had to admire the beast. The sheer
    audacity of the creature to go
    on and on, not once looking back to see
    the damage caused. It couldn’t help itself,
    it was born that way and the proud parents
    didn’t want to be told that there might be
    another way. And in all honesty
    the beast was too large – too big to jail.
    Beast became the hair of the dog and more.
    When the hangover lifted and we looked
    closely, despairingly, subduedly in
    the mirror- there the beast returned our stare.

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