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#CrochetAdventureTime Finn with Removable Hat & Backpack Handmade by #SuzyDias #amigurumi #crochet

Crochet Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

After so many seasons, Adventure Time has held up well. I watched the “Stakes” mini-series starring Marceline. It is fantastic! Nice to see some of the original animators back for these episodes. Inspired by the nostalgia, I decided to create a new Jake & Finn. For Finn I included a removable hat and a backpack you can open up and stash your adventuring gear in.

Previous versions? See them here…

• Finn #1
* Finn #2

Experimenting with Crochet Finn

The good and the bad.

I super excited by the way Jake turned out. I like his size and proportions and think it really looks like the cartoon. However, Finn…well…he doesn’t look like Finn. He looks like a cute boy dressed up like Finn.

Overall Thoughts

My overall assessment of my own work? As always, I learned a lot with this version. I liked the little hat with ears (I can use that idea again) and the little back pack is lit! It’s sturdy and looks good. As I mentioned, I’m also happy with Jake. I’ll probably give Finn away since I won’t need him as reference. A one off, but cute none-the-less.

Finn by Suzy Dias for Finn & Jake by Suzy Dias for


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  1. Great tutorial thank you for helping me earn the admiration and appreciation of my 12-year-old Finn!! I ran out last night and bought the fabric, and with your great directions and detailed pictures, was able to whip up the backpack this afternoon. Thank you!

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