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Easy Crochet Pac-Man and Ghost for Your Gloves or Mitts! #SuzyDias

A fun, easy and budget friendly way to jazz up any boring pair of mittens or gloves. Add a crochet Pac-Man and Ghost!

In my second installment of how to make a boring pair of inexpensive gloves fun for kids is to add a Pac-Man appliqué. As I tried to decide what to sew on my son’s gloves, I knew it had to be a super simple design. Something that I couldn’t mess up too badly. My son loves video games, so a simple Pac-Man and a ghost would be perfect!

Suzy Dias DIY Glove Applique  < Now those are boring gloves!

Follow these FREE Patterns to Add Pac-Man and a Ghost!

The Ghost
I wasn’t sure what to add to my daughter’s gloves and I thought a bright pink heart would look great on a black glove. I found this “Crochet Ghost Applique Pattern” by Jayda InStitches which was exactly what I needed for the ghost. If the ghost is too big for your gloves or mitts, just add less rows to the height.

As for the Pac-Man, I tried to make a circle with an open mouth, but it’s not quite right. I’d suggest trying this FREE pattern “Crochet your own Pacman (English version)” by De Haakbrigade. Once complete, sew it to the glove with yellow thread and make the mouth as wide open as you like.

 < Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Voilà! Your own super cool gloves. The only expense is a cheap pair of gloves or mitts, yellow and red (or blue, pink or orange).

My son loves pretending Pac-Man is chasing after the ghost – or vice versa – with the wakka wakka sound effects. It’s fun and functional 😉

• FREE Crochet Ghost Applique Pattern by Jayda InStitches
• “Crochet your own Pacman (English version)” by De Haakbrigade