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Super Easy #CrochetHeart for Your Gloves or Mitts from #SuzyDias

Suzy Dias heart applique for gloves

A fun, easy and budget friendly way to jazz up any boring pair of mittens or gloves. Add a crochet heart appliqué!

The weather suddenly turned cold at the start of the winter so I bought the first gloves I could find on my way home from work. The problem? On the plus side they didn’t cost much. On the minus side, they’re all black and no fun. See what I mean?

Suzy Dias DIY Glove Applique  < Now those are boring gloves!

Add a pretty crochet heart. How? Follow this FREE pattern!

I wasn’t sure what to add to my daughter’s gloves and I thought a bright pink heart would look great on a black glove. I found this “Crochet Heart Tutorial” from Elaine Zelker which was exactly what I was looking for. Once you’ve finished crocheting two, sew one to each glove or mitten with pink thread.

< Ahhh! So much better.

Voilà! Your own super cute gloves. The only expense is a cheap pair of gloves or mitts and some yarn. My daughter still loves them two months later.

Suzy Dias heart applique for gloves     Suzy Dias heart applique for gloves

• FREE Crochet Heart Tutorial by Elaine Zelker