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Tessi the Amazon from Pencils to Finished Illustration

Tessi the Amazon Pencil Drawing

This is Miguel’s latest sketch of Tessi the Amazon from our upcoming all ages graphic novel / BD – Wolf Boy and the Magical Warriors. Click here for a FREE sample.

Wolf Boy and the Magical Warriors character sketches: Tessi the Amazon

Who is Tessi?

Penthesilea (aka “Tessi”) is working hard to make a name for herself as a leader and a warrior. She decides to leave her home to test her skills by looking for monsters and villains to battle. Like all Amazons, Tessi was raised to be strong, intelligent, endure any type of hardship, be responsible, wise, and above all, to defend people from evil scoundrels. She is the most hard working, agile and best strategist of her generation. However, she has a dangerously bad temper and cannot suffer fools. While developing her battle skills, she must also learn to be patient. [read more…]

What is Wolf Boy and the Magical Warriors About?

As Wolf Boy, Monkey King and Tessi the Amazon wander through the ancient world, hijinks, magic and high-flying adventure weave their way through every volume. Only a few people alive today know that most epic disasters in history were caused by these three buffoons.

This madcap trio sinks Atlantis, topples the Great Wall of China, destroys the Colossus of Rhodes, gets Socrates arrested and burns down the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. [read more…]

This is the original pencil drawing [read the post here]

Tessi the Amazon Final Illustration

And this is the final character illustration.

Wolf Boy and the Magical Warriors: Tessi the Amazon

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