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Remember the 80s – Crochet Style

Crochet Purple Funk Handmake with ♡4U

Remember the 80s? Or perhaps you’re too young and just enjoy the music or  fashion of the time.

Oh, the fashion! Big hair, mullets, spandex, lacy shirts, high waisted pants, androgynous hair and makeup, ripped knees, neon colors…and did I mention ruffles? They were all the rage!

This is my tribute to that era. Handmade 4u with absolute ℒℴѵ3♡.

This funky mini purple king features a removable coat and high heels. He is fashion royalty, so I made his loosely curled mullet his crown. This truly original, handcrafted collector’s item makes an impressive addition to any ultimate amigurumi collection. 

★★ For more pics and info, visit our shop.

Crochet Purple Funk by Suzy Dias